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About Me

David J. Perry was born in 1974, and lives in Bristol with his wife and two cats. He is unable to chose sensible names for pets. He continues to work as a teacher of mathematics in an inner-city school, but has also worked in many creative fields, including fiction, screen-writing, acting, directing, stand-up comedy, and recorded and live music. He is aware that this makes him sound like he has the shortest attention span in human history. It is a characteristic he embraces with pride.

Currently exploring issues related to the UK riots in the shortly-to-be-released novel The Last Human Act Of Kindness, Perry continues to be fascinated by morality. “I guess it underpins all my writing,” he explains. “What is it about the struggle between good and evil that is such a binding tie for us as human beings? What do we mean by good and evil anyway? Why do we sometimes believe one thing, and do another? How do we even know what we believe?”

An ardent atheist, environmentalist, self-publicist, and denouncer of fruit, Perry shows no sign of specialising. Followers of his work will be glad to hear it…